Tuesday, July 13, 2010

While the blogger is away

stuff gets done.
On the bright side for my husband:
Joe is about to start a contract position so the next 4-6 months are covered cash wise.
His portfolio was spotted by an HR rep for a college and he was asked to submit a CV and a brainstormed list of classes he could teach at in Industrial Design department - in Singapore. While I thought it might be a great adventure for 2 years he said "Not Singapore and not with 3 kids". It was a boost for him though.
His work was featured on an industry website this week. (His work has been in magazines and on TV before but those were client jobs and not purely his own creation)
At this moment he is working on commissioned art for a national ad campaign. For a company you have all heard of, but which I won't mention because the associated item hasn't been made yet and he may be under a confidentiality agreement. Which is really neat because ad agencies usually use graphic artists. They contacted him directly from his main portfolio. That damn thing which I've complained about is finally starting to pay for itself. Starting to.

He finally agreed to let me use the empty and for sale house to have an indoor sale. Like an estate sale, except I didn't have to die to sell off my junk.
On that note, he finally hired someone to repair the squirrel damage at that house.
He also agreed to go to Ikea with me to buy some organizational furniture (read shelves, armoires and dressers)
He deep cleaned the master bath - that was only 6.5 years in the making. (I've cleaned it during that time of course, but it was on his self-imposed to do list since I was pregnant with our eldest child and he just accomplished it this weekend)
He repaired the various damaged spots in the sheet rock all around the house.

Which meant:
I finish sanded lots of sheet rock patches, cleaned up LOTS of dust and primed all the spots and the rest of the kitchen and stairwell going down to the basement. I don't particularly like the tan from the living and dining rooms in there, but I like it better than white primer and I like it WAY better than the blue it was. You know since I have had 2 tone orange cabinetry for the last few years. Light orange, dark orange and BLUE? No thanks. This is the only picture available that shows it. And my messy countertops.

And now we're also preparing to rearrange the house and use some of that new furniture. Which also means we're finally taking the TV out of the living room. Which I thought I'd be fine with, more than fine with, but now that it's here I feel slightly apprehensive. Silly right?

Finally, I have nothing to do with it, but my brother proposed to his girlfriend, making her officially my FSIL. They're hoping to get married in October - of this year! Since she doesn't have nieces or young cousins I may be back in "flower girl dress" sewing mode very soon. I'm going to ask him tomorrow when we get together for dinner and talk about our plan to build beds for my kids (YAY!)

So, that's not all but it's good enough for now. I've got to perform emergency surgery on a frog's red thread nostril and then get back to painting. If you don't have to, don't ever paint your own ceilings. This is my 7th one and I loathe it, especially since it's so high up over the stairs.