Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OOTW: What I wore on my anniversary

So, the results of my "poll" were mixed. The early comments picked the strapless satin dress as did my sister. Elisa, who's good taste I've mentioned before, Joe and my mother all picked the black dress. In the end, I picked the black dress. I was able to remove the bow from the front and get the cotton to heal. I also didn't wear the patent peep-toes in the original photos but rather matte leather sandals with about a 2 inch heel, though they look flat in the photo.
I'm glad that I went with this combo if only due to the fact that the restaurant wasn't as fancy as Joe thought it was and I would have been way out of place in the pink dress.
Sorry, I forgot to crop the photo and I'm too lazy to go back into PS again!

I wore my wedding jewelry which is white gold and pearls. It's hard to see here, but I like it just as much now as when I bought it. It's delicate and modern and one of the few things that expresses my thoughts on traditions. Well, traditional jewelry anyway.


ViolinMama said...

Ok wow - with the smile, lost bow, etc....it's a whole new dress! WOWZERS. Does Joe really appreciate how stunning you are? He'd better. You are are!!! Love you! What a great choice!

Carrie said...

lovely dress and happy anniversary to you :)

Life with Kaishon said...

You look beautiful! I am so glad you had a fun time!

ck said...

You are so beautiful! Happy Anniversary. I hope you guys had a lovely evening.

Debbie said...

You look gorgeous! Happy anniversary.