Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My son hates me

No, really he does and tells me so often. Then as soon as he's calmed down he tells me he's sorry and that he loves me. I think I'd be surprised by the statement at any age, but at 2 I was shocked, especially since neither of his older sisters have said it. Of course, the shock was tempered by the unbearable cuteness of his 2 year old voice saying "I hadge you Mommy." It actually took me a few repeats to understand him the first time he said it.

My reaction is always calm but my response varies: "I love you anyway" "It hurts my feelings when you say that" "We don't tell our family we hate them" "That's not nice" "[blatant ignoring]". Today we hit a new high (or is it a low?) when seemingly out of the blue, AK walks into the kitchen while I was making sandwiches and announces, in a rather cheerful tone, "I hadge you Mommy" I ignored him. He continues "I hadge you if you Spiderman... I hadge you if you a robot." Ignoring. "You hear me? I hadge Spiderman Mommy." ... "I hadge Robot Mommy" ... "I hadge you Mommy" Finally I respond, "Did you say you hate Spiderman Mommy?"
"And you hate Robot Mommy?"
"But I thought you LOVED Spiderman and robots."
"Yes, I do."
"Why do you hate me? I love you."
"Because, yeah."
"It makes me sad when you say that"
"I don't make you sad. I fwighten you Mommy. I send a big robot to fwighten you!" {giggle}
"I'm not afraid of robots, but my feelings are hurt when you say you hate me. Do you want to hurt my feelings?"
"... ... I WUDGE YOU MOMMY!"


I was nearly ready to post this on 6/12/10 when I went off to shower and we got the bad news

In the time that has passed since I started this post till now an interesting twist has occurred. Even though robots are #1 in AK's heart he has taken to calling Joe or I a robot when he's angry with us. "You a robot Mommy!" I don't know which I find funnier, the hadge or that he calls us his favorite thing in the world when he's angry.

I clearly have an emotional little guy on my hands I just hope we're equipped to handle it. And, perhaps more importantly, to teach him how to handle it.

Added 7/6/10: Since then, not only am I a robot when he's mad at me, I'm a "Bad Robot". I find this all quite funny, I keep that inside, but I'm still not sure that it's a good thing!


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Sarah said it once a or twice to me - and I told her to never, ever say it again, that it's hurtful and that if she is mad there are lots of other things to say that do not involve the word HATE. But she's 10. They hear this stuff on TV, and honestly it just makes me want to blow up my TV!!

Alex@LateEnough said...

I totally have an emotional son too. It's intense but I then look in the mirror and know where he comes from.. Stupid genetics.

Me: I love you E.
E: I don't love you.

Oh and then he made a song up. About not loving me. Awesome.

Debbie said...

Emotional kids are tough. But in some ways, I find them a little easier than the ones that keep everything bottled up inside. said...

This was just too cute for words, yet you put it into words beautifully. It made me miss having little ones around. Thanks for sharing this little glimpse of your world.