Monday, May 10, 2010

Seriously, I have a right to love Mother's Day

So in case you missed all the joy contained in my Mother's Day post here's a recap:
My morning started out by being woken up to clean pee off the floor so Joe could go back to sleep. I "made" breakfast, changed and dressed everyone, packed up supplies to go to my parents' procured lunch, and reminded my children to tell me "Happy Mother's Day."
That more than covers what I wrote about yesterday.
Once we finally arrived at my parents' Joe gave me a cursory apology and was ticked that I gave him my cheek when he wanted to "kiss and make up." "Is that all I get?" he asked, "Maybe I'll feel like kissing you when you feel like you're actually sorry," I replied to which he said "Well, I'm not going to give you the present until you kiss me for real." And off he went on an unnecessary errand with my dad, leaving me with the kids and another poopy diaper. They returned and mom and I went to rent a chick flick (which he complained about - both us leaving and our choice in movie) My dad made dinner, fixed our plates and later made & served us brownie sundaes. After dinner, I said it was time for presents and got snapped at because he even though his plate was empty, he wasn't done eating. So the kids passed out their cards and photos were snapped. He asked if I was going to kiss him so I could get my present. I asked if he were going to give me a real apology. So he said he was sorry and seemed sincere until he made me kiss him several times until I got it "right" - annoying!
He did the dishes (!) and watched the rest of the movie without any further complaints. But when it was time to leave, he came to announce it to me in a way that was clear he expected me to go get them ready argh! Instead I said "Well, have them potty, brush teeth and get in the car" and he huffed but sort of did the tasks. So that's it. I really can't believe that last year, when I still had to clean, change and dress the kids, feed them lunch, pack everything needed to leave the house, endure his bitching the whole weekend still counts as the best Mother's Day ever.

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ViolinMama said...

Did today get any better? Ugh.

I had to look at last year's too...and is sad. It's actually getting a bit too much - don't you think? I know you tell him off and are honest, but man....with your 10th coming up - how motivated are you to even celebrate it? He has got to figure out he is making ALL the wrong choices most of the time. Is hard to tell him off? I know having real discussions with him can be hard - with his willingness to listen.

We still love the guy, but the flip side of him is just too much sometimes for those who care for you both (and I mean both) to watch sometimes. He will be ruining the best thing of his life and teaching the wrong messages to his gorgeous kids if he doesn't stop, or talk to you and someone else about it. He thinks his actions are right? He could not be more wrong, and his family is to amazing and valuable for him to be so blind.

You have a right to a great Mother's Day. And, does his forget he is biting the hand of the person who leads the surprises on Father's Day? I know I get motivated for Father's Day depending on my Mother's Day, lol, so what's planned for Mr. Man in June? HA! Or perhaps, you'll take the higher road and show him what a Father's Day (Mother's Day) should be like?

Oh sounds like every day of the week for you is Father's how will he know he's even off on Father's Day, aside from cards or presents? ARGH!!