Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poor posture

The standard directions for correct posture often sound like "Pull back your shoulders and pull your tummy in but not your rear" oh.kay. I never really knew what that meant until I looked at my side view in the mirror and analyzed it. Pull back your shoulders so the joint in in line with your hip joints. Pull in your tummy to make your core muscles, in this case your abs, do their job and it keeps you from pushing your sternum out when you pull your shoulders back (a sternum sticking out is what makes your chest say "HEY Here are my boobs!"). Don't stick your butt out because it knocks your spine out of alignment and don't pull it in when you do your abs because it rounds your back and makes it hard to keep your shoulder and hip joints in line. Now, just because I know what correct posture is and what that looks like on me, doesn't mean I usually do it. However, here is a photo that shows the difference. Consider that I only have an A cup, so if you're more endowed the difference will be bigger. Your breasts wouldn't just recess like mine do, they'd appear droopy and they'd press on your abdomen, which would just make your tummy look that much bigger.

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