Friday, May 14, 2010

Me without makeup: Status Quo

I heard about this idea on twitter #bloggerswithoutmakeup
Here is a link to the original meme author, Mummy Mayhem, I know nothing else about her, though
Today bloggers are encouraged to show a photo of themselves without make up. The idea is that we feel perfectly comfortable putting all kinds of real, TMI stories about ourselves out there but pick perfectly coiffed and digitally adjusted photos to post.
Actually, I do wear mineral makeup base powder most days, but since the only easily seen aspect of my olive skin is the grease slick across my face, most of the powder gets wiped off before lunch. (as evidenced in the shiny forehead, which isn't too bad here but I still SO wanted to photoshop it out) Since this was taken after dinner there likely isn't any left. At any rate, it is only 1 of 3 photos, from the same night, that exist on my new computer and Joe has the camera.

I love the slightly worried, slightly perplexed look on my son as he gazes up at my bare face. Possibly he's wondering just how I got into that awkward posture - so am I. I'm making my head go forward, tilt sideways and look up all at the same time. Which I'm not sure I could recreate IRL, but so many photos of me exist with that pose! Hey, I figured that since finding me without make up is easy, I'd go ahead and take the challenge to be real to mean showing an unflattering pose. HAHA!


Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Love it! Gorgeous photo. You look great. Bubs looks pretty good too!

Thanks for joining in.


Linda T said...

You look fabulous!

ck said...

What a great photo! I've run across a few of these bloggers without make-up posts this morning, what a fun idea!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so pretty : ) I love your picture. What a fun thing to participate in! I am visiting your blog this afternoon via your comment at Jill's Scary Mommy blog today. I always like to say hi to a few of her readers as they are mommy's that are super fun : )

litanyofbritt said...

girl, you have natural beauty. you don't *need* make-up. i don't even get out of my pj's most days, never mind accessorize. SALUTE!

Crystal Escobar said...

That's not fair! You look WAY too good without make up :)

Raising Madison said...

We are definitely our own worst critics. You've got a great complexion :)I say we should all rock the no makeup more often!