Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking back on a Sucky Sunday

Comments made by my family and by my lovely internet friends and visitors have led to more thought on the events last Sunday, aka Mother's Day.

1. Did he remember to do something for his mother?
Well... his mother died earlier this year, but in the past, no. I was the one who purchased and sent the card.

2. Did his feelings about the loss of his mother affect his behavior this year?
Perhaps, but this was just par for the course and not out of the ordinary.

3. What will I do for Father's Day?
A couple of years ago he gave me a 6 pack of a candy bar that is OK, but that I've never purchased for myself. For Father's Day that year, he received that very same pack of candy bars. It took a couple of weeks for him to realize it. I'm not sure how I give this back to him, but I like the suggestion from Alex to leave him with the kids so he can BE a father on Father's Day.

4. Did he go on to do anything to revive the day?
Not really. We got home quite late (OK it was 10:30 but that's late for a family with small kids) as he had to stop at the home where his father lives (it's not fully a nursing home) to change a bandage from surgery he had the other day. I was dead tired and climbed into bed fully clothed and with my glasses on. In recent years when I fall asleep with my glasses on, chances are I would wake up several hours later and take them off and turn off the lamp. In the past it was practically a given that Joe would remove them and turn off my lamp. Last night he took off my glasses and my jeans. He put pajama pants and socks on me. Exhibiting the kind of behavior that is part of why I fell in love with him was good, but really speaks to other issues between us rather than the MD debacle.

5. If this is typical, where do we go from here?
I do not know.

Thanks for listening guys.


ViolinMama said...

I LOVE Alex's suggestion.

And, well...I won't rehash my other feelings. But you know my depth of feelings for you both. You deserve better, and he deserves to give you better. Think of what he's missing out on from you if you felt more inspired and loved!

Love you!

marymac said...

Three words.
hang in!