Sunday, May 23, 2010

10th Anniversary Chronicle

Since I ended up giving almost a play-by-play of Mother's Day, I thought I would do the same for this day, my actual anniversary, and for our celebration day which will be Saturday. It's got to be better than the last special day simply for the fact that he is actually involved in the planning, nay, is doing most of the planning. So far, he has arranged childcare, researched restaurants and made reservations, picked out his clothes and has something to do for which he needs a couple of hours alone in the house before Sat.
This morning I was woken with gentle whispers of "Happy 10th Anniversary." Right at this moment, he is at the coffee shop where he hangs out doing his "work" with AK in tow. This was so that I could have a few minutes peace this morning to finish showering and eat breakfast - and to blog, though I'm sure he didn't have that specifically in mind! HAHA!
Now, I'm going to hit "publish" and then come back through the day / weekend to report on his progress. Hopefully, this will all be done with a smile on my face.

It's now nearly 6pm on Thursday. I've been doing power shopping and at least have something to wear to the apparently fancy restaurant we're going to. I actually bought 3 dresses but will only keep one, 2 pairs of shoes, though one has already been returned and a purse that I will replace if I find something better. I usually only buy things if they are on the upper end of "good enough", but I've got no time to waste and "OK" is better than nothing! However, I haven't been able to find what I want in a gift for Joe, grr. Normally I don't like to leave things like this to the last minute but I didn't know we were going to celebrate with the same budget we'd have if Joe was working. I'm not sure what I thought we'd do, but I've already spent more on clothes than I thought we'd use for presents. I only did that because last night Joe told me he's taking me to a semi-fancy restaurant, which to us means entrees start at $30, so I figured I should have a dress that costs at least as much as my meal will and nothing in my closet qualified for that save my bridesmaid's dress from last summer! I realize this isn't exactly an update on his behavior, but I haven't seen him since I picked AK up just after my initial post.

It's Friday, yesterday evening Joe returned home and took the kids outside for something mysterious. They returned and presented me with cards and roses and the night returned to normal. So, now I've just got to figure out what to wear!

Sunday: Yesterday was a whirl of activity to get ready for our date. We went tie shopping for Joe and I did find a gift for him - though I think I've about had it with our regular jewelry store. It's a funky store in midtown that carries a lot of modern and unusual items and we've been going there since before we got married. I saw exactly what I wanted in the front case so that part took about 5 minutes, but I was still in there nearly 45 minutes mostly waiting to get the sale completed by one of the 4 salesclerks - 2 of which were not helping other customers and they're the 2 that have been there a long time ugh! OK enough of that!
We went to a "continental" restaurant. Joe had a rustic thin crust margherita pizza and I had grilled lamb. Both were OK but we've had better of each. Then after dinner I was describing just the kind of dessert I'd like to have while we were waiting for our server to return so we could ask for the dessert menu. When she did return she carried a plate in her hand with a dessert that perfectly satisfied my craving! With a candle in it complements of the house as she noticed our gift exchange so knew we were celebrating. It was ricotta cake with a poached pear. That earned an eyes-rolling-MMMM from both of us. Afterward we went to our favorite dessert spot, though Joe had a coffee "cocktail" and I had another glass of wine.
So, gifts. While Joe and I appreciate traditions we are not what you would call "traditional". We both wanted to get the other a ring but neither could find just what we wanted, at least not in stock. Men's rings were gimmicky or wedding bands and the women's rings were too complicated to fit his idea & were frequently made with yellow gold. In the end we were able to find rings that fit the bill. This is a similar ring by the same company. While the sapphire ring is a close enough image I found on-line. (We had to exchange the rings we presented each other to order ones in our size)


ViolinMama said...

Man - I missed all the other updates here! Did you let Twitter know about these? Love the rings! Love the play by play. I'm glad it was a fresh start for a new year!! He seemed to care about all the details. Wonderful!! Much love!!!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oh my - that ring = drool :-)