Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm sick, this is my confession

No, not in a creepy way, nor in a mental illness way, but in a regular "I have a cold and couldn't sleep last night. Therefore, I took a nap from 5-7 and so did my ill kids" way. The problems with this are 1. with long late naps, night time sleep will come late. 2. we still have to get up at the same time so now we'll be tired again tomorrow 3. I didn't start dinner until 7:30 and even then, I didn't want to.

Now, since the only thing I had in the fridge were chicken leg quarters, I knew it would be an hour with prep time before dinner. I fed the kids fruit and cheese before I started and while it cooked, I got them ready for bed (which totally didn't matter because as soon as they were out of my sight they took off their PJ's and played dress up). I fixed their plates and we all sat at the table. Here's where my confession comes in. My sense of taste has been off for several days, with today being the worst so far. I tried to pick out a vegetable, but the thought of tasting them, well it wasn't pleasant. SO I DIDN'T. The first thing AT says to me is "Where's the green vegetable?", "I hope it's green beans" chimes in GR "Me, too!" agrees AK. My kids are pretty good eaters and eat several greens, but most nights this requires frequent reminders from me, so on this night I thought they either would not notice or would be happy at their absence. Yeah right. I kept having to field questions about the lack of greens and hear their musings on which they would prefer having. I suppose their disappointment should come as no surprise to a mom who has planted brussel sprouts only at the insistence of her children. Especially since they are the first and only plant I've ever tried to grow from seed myself.
I'd like to add a side of Mommy Guilt with my NyQuil please.

P.S. However, when they were done eating what was on their plates and were still hungry, they didn't take me up on my offer to fix green beans.


~ M ~ said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. Now, I wish my boy would eat his greenies! :D

Happy SITS Tuesday!

Angelica said...

Wow! Your kids asking where the green veggies are, you are so lucky!
I hate mommy guilt and I am so guilty of it!

stopping by from sits!

Jenny said...

I have an even bigger confession, when I don't feel well, we stop at McDonald's. Feel better now? :-)

Stopping in from SITS!


ViolinMama said...

I love your PS!!

Oye - what a day you had. No apologies. Mine today isn't much better, so to make you feel better, we're having either fish sticks or chicken nuggets for dinner with maybe a veggie if I can find a canned one they like (they don't like my steamed or frozen and steamed ones). I have no idea, as I used the canned peas the other day. I just can't care about dinner tonight after:

~ sleepless night for me...we should have talked we were up the same times lol!

~ Hubby calls early that his brakes or something went out on the highway. Luckily he's close to home and local tire place and can get towed there on insurance.

~ But we have cracked rotories (sp?), some other cracked things, oil change, and cost of labor, so it adds up. Thankfully MUCH cheaper than new brakes, etc...but enough to stress me out before baby arrives and delay paying for the new carseats we still haven't gotten, or the other gates, or the other stuff on the "list" someone doesn't help me with. Why am I the one with vision? lol

~ CRANKY CRANKY Valiant. Oh goodness....the crankiness. I'm going to maybe sleep it off if she would calm down. She was cranky at the library, cranky with me....she only wants Daddy. Nice.

Ok...I'd better nap. I'm so hormonal today. Much love! You are not alone!

FEEL BETTER! Are you still on for MNI? Just e-mail/twit me. lol it seems many can't make it again, so it would be a small group - which is fine...just checking though for more cancellations to decide if it is worth it again for L to host. I wish I could drink....

Love you!

hotpants™ said...

I'm sick with an awful cold too. I'm at work even though I seriously don't want to be.

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day.

Aimee said...

I love that your kids eat greens (and ask for them!!!). My toddler WAS a good eater until he was introduced to peanut butter and cake. Now that's all he wants! Ugh.

Hey, for someone who is sick, good job on still making dinner! I would've just done take-out. =)

Hope you feel better soon.


cheri said...

hope you're all better now :)

shuttling in from SITS :)

just another Belle said...

I'm just getting over that cold. Feel better soon!

Stopping by from SITS

Scary Mommy said...

My mom confessions makes yours look like a Mother of the Year speech. Seriously. :)

LindsayDianne said...

That's the best! They'll never take their greens for granted again.