Friday, April 30, 2010

BlogHer @ Home: Getting to know me

You'll find me around the web as Mommyiscranky and Cranky Sarah. In my real life I'm generally known as Mommy or Sarah. Bet you couldn't have guessed that. I'm tricky that way. I'm a SAHM (although trying to become a WAHM) of 3 kids - 4 if you count the one that came with my marriage certificate i.e. my husband. My sense of humor is dry yet easily provoked by odd &/or simple things. I got quite a chuckle this morning when I discovered a town/area called Flying S Ranchettes, no one else does, I realize. (and now I can't even get stupid google maps to bring it up again - of course, I saw it when I was getting google directions that turned out to be VERY wrong)

While I'm not always cranky, I'm not always the opposite of cranky either. Snowballing PPD and a seemingly clueless husband (who must also be deaf or at least lacking a memory chip) have left me in a bit of a low spot these last couple of years. I originally started this blog so I could get some of that crap off my chest. That's how it works for me, I vent and I forget - usually. Eventually, as I unloaded some of that baggage, this blog morphed into an expression of myself in general.

Like most other mothers, especially those with more than one kid, I'm always strapped for time, but when I can devote large chunks of time to projects you'll find me in home DIY and crafting a variety of items. I haven't been posting much lately but what I have done is over at Neoteric Traditional.

Thanks for visiting me from BlogHer @ Home - and if you came to me another way, please follow the link to check them out!


thepsychobabble said...

Awesome:-) and some days my husband is ALSO like a small child. *headdesk*

Looking forward to this summer:)

~ M ~ said...

My husband is like that too he needs new memory card inside LOL.

Lu said...

I am so glad you are participating in BHAH! We are going to really get things ramped up closer to August, but it's nice to get a glimpse of who will be hanging out. Thanks for linking up!