Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grasping at straws

I'm trying to write a new post, but time/family duties and other thoughts keep invading. What I've got is obviously written at more than one time. I just can't seem to finish the original thread now that the new thread has taken shape. Maybe I'll just have to leave it for a while and see if I can remember some of those other things that pop up when I'm nowhere near a computer. What do you do when so many thoughts are running around that you can't get a good hold on any one of them?


5kidswdisabilities said...

I get like that almost every day...that's why I write an post only when I remember what I'm supposed to be writing about. Doesn't happen too often!!!!!
Lindsey Petersen

Jen said...

This is why I keep an idea journal. I take it with me everywhere and I am always writing little ideas in it.

Now that is all well and good until the journal is empty.

That is where I am now.

No Princesses Here said...

Ugh! I hate it when that happens! Sometimes I just have to step away for a few days until I can collect my thoughts. Hope life calms down for you so that you can catch your breath.....and your thoughts!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Do a post with lots of snippets and bits and pieces. Random thought are fun to read too. Or start difference posts, save them as drafts and get ready to pick them back up at a later date. A walk, or a bubble bath or something relaxing help me focus, too.

contact said...

I like Elisa's idea of snippets.

I seem to do my best thinking . . . when I am not near my keyboard. I am often in the shower or driving when I think of a good topic and a really good direction to go with it. When I finally get a chance to jot the idea down - I'm lucky to remember the idea, but the great thoughts I had on the topic have long since flown out of my mind.

For me - I have to try to strike while the iron is hot - because I just don't know when my iron will be even lukewarm again.

May your life slow down enough to finish your thoughts!