Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, hey, I'm not dead

though you probably wouldn't guess from looking at the sleep deprived pallor of my skin. I am, however, burnt out. Unimaginably, Hubs still doesn't have a regular full-time job, fortunately he does get enough contract and freelance work to keep us from drowning in debt, yet.

Homeschool became a minute by minute battle of wills. Her skills are fine and perhaps ahead in some areas but silly me, I had the notion that the 9 hours a week that we got alone, if we were lucky, should be spent doing school work while she felt that she should get to stare blankly into space and drop her pencil at a rate of about 3 times per minute. Add to that the normal head butting that happens with a 6yo girl who thinks "it's time for [her] to be a teenager now" and it wasn't a happy day. But with her at a short day kindergarten, it's getting better. The other 2 have been pretty much the same as usual, so that's good.

I finally took some steps to better health. I stopped snacking so much and cut way back on my sugar intake. I must say, that though I joked several times that I run on sugar (as opposed to caffeine) I'm beginning to think it may have been true! I have even less energy than I used to. I've been working out for about 30-40 minutes 3x's a week, if possible, with my friend and next door neighbor, Violin Mama, on her Wii. Which isn't an aerobic strain the way we've been going: she's 6 months pregnant and I'm well, out of shape, but it's a good start. Those 3 steps alone have helped me lose a few pounds this month, now if I could just lower the fat content, I'd be good!

I haven't been on-line in general a lot in the past few months, you can see/read why at my other blog, Neoteric Traditional. I've definitely been cranky, but it's more like one-liners than blog posts so this afternoon I decided to -GASP!- join twitter. I think that will be a better outlet for me with my technologically challenged computer. I'll link it up here when I have time, but I'm @mommyiscranky if you're interested in the meantime.


ViolinMama said...

oh goodness....are you going to make me join another social networking site to keep up with you? I bet I would to comment..Somehow I started blogging because of why not twitter :) How does that work hehe!

Girl - I love you, loving getting together to talk, and our workouts, and we should try some of my DVD's to kick it up a notch (I move faster when I don't need to squat or jump!). Let me know if you are ready to try it! I'm thrilled you can see the scale lighter, though I wish you had more energy. Hmmm...what can we do about that? Maybe it is hidden stress? Everything else going on - job uncertainty? etc. Anything I can do to help?

You're still not allowed to move! :) Love you!!!!!!

You rock, by the way! Anytime you want to sneak off for some girl time, coffee, etc...I'm ready!

ViolinMama said...

And....just really reading the twitter...praying they want him and need him and he gets the CALL!