Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anissa Mayhew

Sometimes I check out the blog roll on other sites, because my Reader list is tiny and I need to find more ways to waste time on the internet than I currently have available, yeah. Anyway during the previous shift of actually having time to waste, or rather feeling so fed up with housework that I chose the internet over it, I saw a blog called Aiming Low. That sounded about right so I checked it out. It was mid November and the current post was very personal to them. One of their contributors, Anissa, had just had a massive stroke. I felt sad as I always do when I hear of such things. But I did something I don't always do, I intentionally went to find out more. Now don't get me wrong, I don't avoid these kinds of stories because I have no heart, but because I have too much. I take these things on in my soul, worrying over them as if it were happening in my own family. I just can't function like that so I say a prayer and praise the blessings in my life as well as theirs and try to move on. But not this time. Maybe because I have a friend who had a stroke when she was young (totally recovered). Maybe because I once had symptoms of a mini-stroke, a TIA, though I didn't know that as it was happening, but learned about it only after my neurologist wanted to do a scan. Fortunately, he saw no physical signs that a TIA had occurred. Although we never figured it out, it hasn't happened again. But I think about it because I just can't turn those kinds of thoughts off. And I'd been thinking of Anissa. I hadn't checked in on her since the end of January but I checked last Saturday and shared her story with my husband. I thought about her and about something else I realized - that she moved states last summer and now lives in the same metro area as I do. I'd been wondering if there was something I could do to help. But it's kind of weird. I could only offer time or service, but I'm a total stranger. She has kids, I have kids, would I want to accept in-person help from a total stranger? Allow them into a life that included my young children? She could easily live an hours drive from me and still be in the same metropolis but she could be in my same town. So with these thoughts, I checked her blog again yesterday (which she started when her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia - talk about a double whammy). I, along with others touched by her story, found good news. Anissa is well enough to return home. The thing is that their insurance co-pay for the therapy she needs is quite high - to the tune of $4000. We may have run out of money like 2 weeks ago and it may be too weird to offer/accept my in-person help, but this, passing along her story, I can do.


Mayhem and Moxie said...

I simply adored this post, and couldn't agree with you more. Even if people can't give personally, getting the word out and letting others know about Anissa's plight is definitely manageable.

The news is good, but Anissa's journey is far from other. Thank you for this.


PS: Really glad that we were able to connect through the ParentsConnect website. Thanks for responding to my post about blogs.

Lori Vann said...

Saw your comment on Anissa's blog about being in the same city as she. I live on the same street as her, and have since she moved here in April of 09 - but did not know it until about a month ago. Our daughters were friends at school, in the same grade - and we had no idea!

I'm trying to think of something that us locals can do as a group that would benefit the family. I told Peter several times that I am so close, yet had no idea they were my neighbors - and I am sorry it took so long to realize. Hopefully I can think of something!

Lindsey Clair said...

God bless you for posting this! I will be praying for Anissa for sure.

Denise said...

Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
Please stop by!