Friday, August 14, 2009

Plea for Common Sense

You know, I rarely enter into political or religious debates. There are a very few people who I will discuss things with and that is because with them it can actually be a discussion. Debates have winners and losers; discussions have sharers.
However, I will dip my toes into this one. Only because I can't stand when idiocy is lapped up and re-spouted as an original thought. And for the purposes of this I'm ignoring the things I feel are intentional misrepresentations at best and blatant lies at worst. This is an appeal for common sense.
First, a document can only have one point of origin. There may be several collaborating authors, of course, but one original document. I'm noticing over the years that the more outrageous the misinformation is the more people claim it is their original work. And I'm talking about word for word copies.
Second, when you quote something and then make a claim about what it says, can you, yourself, at least read the part you quoted? (also, do you remember what opposites are?)
Third, when you are going to make an argument against something you should be consistent. -If you're going to claim that some entity will have "NO CHOICE" can you at least leave out the next few lines in which you angrily point out things that clearly show that, yes, there is in fact a choice.
Fourth, just because you put part of your sentence in BIG BOLD LETTERS, it doesn't transform the rest of your sentence into a negative argument. I'm willing to bet you like it when you consult with a professional who has a firm grasp on the national language.
Lastly, just because an acronym was an easy target for vilification on one topic (and they possibly had members who warrant that) doesn't mean they have their hot little hands in this, too. And if they get involved, it's unlikely to be in the ways you are implying. Do you even know who you are talking about?

OK that's it. It irritates me to no end that when there are legitimate arguments to be made it is still the tripe that gets passed around. One after another taking an apparently sure bet that the masses are either idiots or just too lazy to read and think for themselves. Why don't you take some of your fervor and apply it to fact finding? Then you can focus your passion on the actual problems. Because focusing on real problems may lead to real answers. Imagine that.

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