Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mommy is Awake

and posting in real time. Another bout of insomnia. I finally worked myself back into a reasonable sleep routine and was getting up at my goal time. Then insomnia one night, kids waking me (us) up the next and the next and the next plus weird dream night, so there were naps. ---Good grief! It's like he heard my thoughts! AK wakes up between 2&3 every morning and GR wakes up twice between 4&7. Although, Hubs usually takes care of AK, unless I'm already awake.
I just did not want to go up and lay in bed with my husband while he was still awake. It was just a really long day for our relationship and I didn't wish it to continue so I chose to avoid him and now I'm wide awake. But I really should at least go get ready for bed now. I have a long day ahead of me as it is Hubs' birthday so I'll have all the normal weekday type mommy stuff to do plus all the extra stuff for him.
I learned a trick for helping you sleep... we've all heard of counting yourself to sleep, right? Well, that no longer works for me as my busy brain has figured out how to run rampant while I'm still counting - yeah I know, I was surprised, too. So I usually work on puzzles (things related to crosswords type puzzles) but I'm out of those so I'll try this new trick tonight. Pick a way of counting that is unusual or medium difficult for you. I think the article suggested backwards by 3's I'm sorry, I do not remember where I saw that, but it was probably on the Yahoo! front page. OK, so I'm off to do that. {unwilling sigh} {and a yawn - yay!}

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