Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laundry Confessions

Laundry is the worst and only because of all the folding and that's only because it kills my neck and shoulders - which kill me on a daily basis. So, it piles up and up. 10 different categories! Plus special loads, like the pee sheets AK's been waking up with every morning (why can't I find Diaper Doublers now that I need them on a daily[nightly] basis??) Am I a sorting nut?
I just had to get stuff done so I just threw in the "most popular" stuff all together in the washer. Hopefully it comes out looking like it did when it went in, sans stains of course!

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ViolinMama said...

I hate to say this, but someone told me a long time ago that when we wash in cold water (the new "green") you really can throw in all the clothes together (unless you need delicates or something special). Lights/darks, etc. So, I've been doing that ever since. I know..I broke the cardinal rule...not separating out the clothes!

My clothes seem fine. I will air dry some of my favorite pieces, and I got one of those cheap, barred laundry stands to lay stuff out on.

(I do use hot water for sheets)

I also don't use as much detergent. I stain treat stuff pre wash, then use half the amount. Another mommy told me to add baking soda in as helps clean the clothes without stripping or bleeding them. So far, so good.

Lovely folds her clothes...they are not done fabulously, but they work...and wrinkles on kids...of well. I also don't care about wrinkles on my everyday mommy wear either. Maybe you can all sit together and make a game of give your shoulders a break?

That said...I still get behind....just cause I hate doing it!

Oh another tip...if I can...I rewear. I made it a house rule. Fabreeze is my buddy. I've also been known to just handwash in the sink for 3 seconds with some soap for under the arms, freshen a shirt, or keep that "new" look longer...

is that gross? Sorry!