Friday, August 7, 2009

Dinner confessions

Not to brag or anything, but I'm a decent cook. And I think my dinner time rules are pretty fair too. But it hurts when I have to stare one in the eye real hard. I threw together a simple and easy pork chop dinner last night. I hadn't made it exactly this way before and I was going against all advice by not browning them before baking them (really, if you have to brown them, why not just fry them all the way?) So it was technically an experiment. But the kids have had versions of this before and had eaten it just fine.
So, when dinner was met with resistance, I invoked the "one bite as it is before you get ketchup" rule, which was followed. Then not a single bite after that was eaten! I set a timer and told them if they didn't finish before then, they'd have to go to bed. When about 1/2 the time was up, I reminded them of the "If you don't eat it tonight you're getting it tomorrow for lunch and or dinner" rule. I've only had to invoke that one once before (baked chicken I believe) and they happily ate it the next day for lunch. Not so this time. They chose to go to bed before the time was even up and refuse to eat it for lunch today too!
On the one hand I feel like a crummy mom but come on! Dinner was really good - Hubs even asked me to make it again and that doesn't happen every night! They understand the consequence of not eating is feeling hungry and cranky, but I feel terrible knowing they're hungry, but I feel terrible if I undermine my own (reasonable?) set of rules. It's just a no-win situation!


ViolinMama said...

My FL friends have the same rules, and we adopted the same rule. I'm glad to know you do it too! I don't think you are a mean mommy. Going to bed hungry after reasonable attempts...well, is ok. I was told it is what kids eat in a week, not a day. But yeah, to a's a no win situation. I'd love to see what other ideas work too!

By the way...Dear Internet....Cranky Mommy ROCKS at cooking. She's a good and patient teacher with me!

Cranky Mommy said...

When they continued to refuse to eat that meal, we came to a compromise that they had to eat green veggies at every meal today (yesterday)- even breakfast. We ended up being out for lunch, so they have to do it tomorrow (today) too.

Elisa said...

As the mom of an often-picky eater and a not-picky-at-all one, I understand your plight. You want them to get used to eating what you cook, but you don't want them to go hungry. I wish I had a tip for you - unfortunately I'm in a similar situation, so if you figure something out, holla! :-)