Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I haven't been keeping up with this very well. It's not that I'm not thankful, it's that I'm worn thin. Even my movie night with the girls didn't perk me up beyond the actual time I spent with them. (BTW even though it's not as good as the book, the movie The Time Traveler's Wife is still good)
I realized that I need to make more of a point of pronouncing what I'm thankful for to help me get out of this... stupor. I'm not depressed or anything right now, but frustrated and tired.
I'm thankful for:
Family that sustains me
Friends that make me smile
A girl with her first loose teeth (who knows some thing have value beyond money)
A husband who can take care of the kids one evening and then proclaim "I don't know how you get a single thing done!"
Children who like to talk about and ask about God. Burgeoning spirituality is a beautiful and delicate thing.
and right now, I'm very thankful for nap time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Plea for Common Sense

You know, I rarely enter into political or religious debates. There are a very few people who I will discuss things with and that is because with them it can actually be a discussion. Debates have winners and losers; discussions have sharers.
However, I will dip my toes into this one. Only because I can't stand when idiocy is lapped up and re-spouted as an original thought. And for the purposes of this I'm ignoring the things I feel are intentional misrepresentations at best and blatant lies at worst. This is an appeal for common sense.
First, a document can only have one point of origin. There may be several collaborating authors, of course, but one original document. I'm noticing over the years that the more outrageous the misinformation is the more people claim it is their original work. And I'm talking about word for word copies.
Second, when you quote something and then make a claim about what it says, can you, yourself, at least read the part you quoted? (also, do you remember what opposites are?)
Third, when you are going to make an argument against something you should be consistent. -If you're going to claim that some entity will have "NO CHOICE" can you at least leave out the next few lines in which you angrily point out things that clearly show that, yes, there is in fact a choice.
Fourth, just because you put part of your sentence in BIG BOLD LETTERS, it doesn't transform the rest of your sentence into a negative argument. I'm willing to bet you like it when you consult with a professional who has a firm grasp on the national language.
Lastly, just because an acronym was an easy target for vilification on one topic (and they possibly had members who warrant that) doesn't mean they have their hot little hands in this, too. And if they get involved, it's unlikely to be in the ways you are implying. Do you even know who you are talking about?

OK that's it. It irritates me to no end that when there are legitimate arguments to be made it is still the tripe that gets passed around. One after another taking an apparently sure bet that the masses are either idiots or just too lazy to read and think for themselves. Why don't you take some of your fervor and apply it to fact finding? Then you can focus your passion on the actual problems. Because focusing on real problems may lead to real answers. Imagine that.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emotionally Well Adjusted Children

That's what we're supposed to want right? So why does it hurt a little when your daughter doesn't miss you when she's gone? "I love you so much that I don't have to miss you" Great but how about one little tear welling up in your eye?

Yet, you don't want the other end of the spectrum where your other daughter misses her sister so much that she cries out her name randomly during the day. And by cry I mean wail: tears, snot, wavering voice and red sweaty face. Of course, now that it's her turn for a solo stay at the grandparents' she's just fine.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mommy is Awake

and posting in real time. Another bout of insomnia. I finally worked myself back into a reasonable sleep routine and was getting up at my goal time. Then insomnia one night, kids waking me (us) up the next and the next and the next plus weird dream night, so there were naps. ---Good grief! It's like he heard my thoughts! AK wakes up between 2&3 every morning and GR wakes up twice between 4&7. Although, Hubs usually takes care of AK, unless I'm already awake.
I just did not want to go up and lay in bed with my husband while he was still awake. It was just a really long day for our relationship and I didn't wish it to continue so I chose to avoid him and now I'm wide awake. But I really should at least go get ready for bed now. I have a long day ahead of me as it is Hubs' birthday so I'll have all the normal weekday type mommy stuff to do plus all the extra stuff for him.
I learned a trick for helping you sleep... we've all heard of counting yourself to sleep, right? Well, that no longer works for me as my busy brain has figured out how to run rampant while I'm still counting - yeah I know, I was surprised, too. So I usually work on puzzles (things related to crosswords type puzzles) but I'm out of those so I'll try this new trick tonight. Pick a way of counting that is unusual or medium difficult for you. I think the article suggested backwards by 3's I'm sorry, I do not remember where I saw that, but it was probably on the Yahoo! front page. OK, so I'm off to do that. {unwilling sigh} {and a yawn - yay!}

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dinner confessions

Not to brag or anything, but I'm a decent cook. And I think my dinner time rules are pretty fair too. But it hurts when I have to stare one in the eye real hard. I threw together a simple and easy pork chop dinner last night. I hadn't made it exactly this way before and I was going against all advice by not browning them before baking them (really, if you have to brown them, why not just fry them all the way?) So it was technically an experiment. But the kids have had versions of this before and had eaten it just fine.
So, when dinner was met with resistance, I invoked the "one bite as it is before you get ketchup" rule, which was followed. Then not a single bite after that was eaten! I set a timer and told them if they didn't finish before then, they'd have to go to bed. When about 1/2 the time was up, I reminded them of the "If you don't eat it tonight you're getting it tomorrow for lunch and or dinner" rule. I've only had to invoke that one once before (baked chicken I believe) and they happily ate it the next day for lunch. Not so this time. They chose to go to bed before the time was even up and refuse to eat it for lunch today too!
On the one hand I feel like a crummy mom but come on! Dinner was really good - Hubs even asked me to make it again and that doesn't happen every night! They understand the consequence of not eating is feeling hungry and cranky, but I feel terrible knowing they're hungry, but I feel terrible if I undermine my own (reasonable?) set of rules. It's just a no-win situation!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laundry Confessions

Laundry is the worst and only because of all the folding and that's only because it kills my neck and shoulders - which kill me on a daily basis. So, it piles up and up. 10 different categories! Plus special loads, like the pee sheets AK's been waking up with every morning (why can't I find Diaper Doublers now that I need them on a daily[nightly] basis??) Am I a sorting nut?
I just had to get stuff done so I just threw in the "most popular" stuff all together in the washer. Hopefully it comes out looking like it did when it went in, sans stains of course!

Monday, August 3, 2009

How do dreams work for you?

While I do sometimes dream in color and can occasionally read in my dreams, I am not able to control them. However, I am frequently aware I am dreaming. Last night I was having a terrible dream. If I could remember well enough or if I had the writing talent, I could rival Stephen King (do you know what I'm talking about?) with the movie quality of my dreams as I'm dreaming them. But, I was really trying to distract myself from this dream and start a new one - without any luck. So finally I gave in, ran around until I was killed and as I lay there dying, I thought "Oh well, at least the dream's over."
What's strange is that it all seems to happen on different levels of consciousness. I'm having a dream on one level, aware of the dream on another and "listening" to myself be aware of dreaming on yet another. Man, is all that exhausting, I'm always super tired the day after stuff like that happens. What's it like when you dream?