Thursday, July 30, 2009

potty training problem

Yesterday while I was holding AK up to a sink at an inflatable play center, he gassed and I asked him if he pooped. "I didn't poo!" was his response. Not a big deal except that was his second phrase ever (his first being several months ago - "Mad at Daddy" - HAHA!)
Then last night he started grabbing at his rear, exclaiming poo..poo, getting the changing pad and laying down. He was clear and dry, but he kept on. I tried to get him on the potty, Hubs was finally successful with that but nothing happened. He came back down stairs and began his frantic insistence that I change his diaper for a few more minutes before he settled down on the couch with a blanket. I put him to bed and about 1:30 he woke up crying because he'd pooped.
This has only been one instance, but I'm trying to prepare before we start having withholding issues. Any suggestions for a kid who's too young to bribe?

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