Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that we've had no major health issues for our kids so far. My friend's 2 yo great-niece just had, successful, surgery to remove tumors from her brain and other locations, she woke up after a time on ventilators. We haven't had further updates but this is not the first child in my greater personal world that has been terribly ill. It's just different when you know a family who is experiencing this (different from news reports).

And on a lighter note, I'm thankful for last year's gift of a well loved picnic table from the parents of Violin Mama when they moved to a retirement condo. We use it often and ate dinner there tonight. Perhaps we can have some more bring-over-your-dinner-and-eat-with-us-nights - that is if we ever get on the same schedule HAHA!

And I'm thankful that Violin Mama and her husband are going out tomorrow for their anniversary because this means I get to watch Val, whom I get way too little time with thanks to a Jealous AK! He'll just have to deal with it tomorrow! (Love Lovely too, but she'll be elsewhere :( I know GR and AT will be sad about that. "I'm gonna miss [Lovely] when she's on cay-shun!" was a sob I heard tonight. I didn't dare tell them where she is going to be on "cay-shun")

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ViolinMama said...

Amen to your first paragraph! I guess they'll be more updates when she can actually start chemo?

Yes on getting on the same schedule, and awesome you are enjoying a childhood memory of me and my siblings. It makes me smile very much to know your kids are eating and crafting around it too!

THANK YOU for tomorrow night. You are awesome!!!! I still need to figure out the time...I was going to say a little before 7pm, but one of my coworkers just told me of a mini work reunion at 5:30pm, so I may try to drop in and say hi, then head home to drop her off with you and get Hubby. I hope ya'll have fun with a little one :) Patty Cake works wonders lol! I appreciate you!!!!