Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My weekend - plus some

Hubs and I went to Charlotte, NC for our anniversary. There was talk of going to Raleigh / Durham to see Duke Gardens but we decided that was too long of a car trip. I do not do well in the car. We got along really well the whole time. I even "nagged" him about his driving (he's been caught speeding and rear-ended someone recently. Just a little bump, but he was following too closely) and he took it really well. I'm not sure what constitutes "nagging" but I said things like "Can you not drive so close to this guy, he's a terrible driver" "What's the speed limit and how fast are you going?" "Peoplearestoppinginfrontofus!" so yeah, I guess I nagged, but just a little bit!
The trip wasn't much overall. Hubs likes to drive around and explore places. So we did that, lots and lots of that. Did I mention I don't do well in the car? I was wretched by the time we returned home, but my parents were going to have the kids for the next day and a half so I had some time to recover. AT was the only one to ask us to get her anything and all she asked for was a postcard. Did she get one? No. We didn't really do much but drive in Charlotte and I just didn't remember. I did remember on the way home so we stopped to get some postcards - none, stop, none, stop, none. We stopped 6 times! Poor thing! I can go into our local Publix and get postcards, but apparently no Cracker Barrel, truck stop or fireworks stores on 85 have them. Well, we didn't go to every CB, there's one about every 10 miles! Oh well. We got them some sparklers instead. Although, she hasn't mentioned it.

On Monday, after I slept late, went to Joann's AND took a nap, I started some sewing projects. If you're interested I'll post those on Neoteric Traditional - at some point! Hubs bought lumber to build a toy cabinet - it's a $200 frankenstein monstrosity. It looks terrible and I don't even want to put it in the house. He can do great work - I don't know what happened with this. We've been planning it for MONTHS. It looks like crap. I only hope I can save it with painters caulk, trim and paint. We got the kids around 10 or 10:30 PM last night. They were a cranky mess! AK seemed to really be happy we came but when I asked him if he was ready to go home he shook his head, said "No go home" and pouted. GR was nonchalant about it all. AT cried and cried. "Granma!" was the first thing she said this morning. I told her that I missed her when she was gone. She matter-of-factly said she didn't miss me. I told her I was glad she wasn't sad while I was gone but it would be nice if she had missed me a little. She replied "Just because I don't miss you doesn't mean I don't love you". Can't argue with that!

So how's that for a rambling update! I didn't know where I was going with it when I started and I still don't know where I ended up. That's just the state of mind I'm in. I'm practically sleep walking through the day so why not blog? HAHA!

(I'm sorry)

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ViolinMama said...

Cute on the kid comments....and no, you can't argue that!!!! hahah!!

Glad you had a great anniversary with time together that went so nicely. Sorry it ended with the nutty wardrobe "malfunction". I'm sure you can work some magic on it. I wonder what went through his head?

Sweet dreams!