Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mother's Day that was: part 2

When I heard the kids starting to get up on Mother's Day, I honestly didn't know what to expect. But Hubs got them going, made them potty first, changed the baby's diaper and even made the one kids who's in night time pull-ups put on panties. I felt really terrible so I gladly stayed in bed. Then a while later he brought me breakfast in bed. Pancakes, which is his specialty (second to spaghetti), and a few doughnut holes. He told me he'd need some time in which I wasn't downstairs and some time in which I could watch the kids so he could shower. I said, the kids are eating so why don't you shower now and I'll keep an ear out then I can do my stuff in here while you need me out of there. He wasn't happy with the suggestion, but he complied. So I had my time and you know I did all sorts of fancy stuff that I rarely get to do. Things like use BOTH shampoo and conditioner, shave my legs AND underarms, trim my nails, take more than 10 seconds picking out clothes, put on make up. I did actually get to use some 60 second pedicure gel on me feet which was new. Things I used to do on a nearly daily basis. If I didn't like to actually sleep, I'd spend an hour a day getting ready in the morning and an hour at night.
Afterwards I got the kids dressed and packed up the supplies to go to my parents'. Hubs was doing something mysterious, which I was happy about. So we went, I "reminded" him that it was his duty to fix the kids' plates. He got attention and sympathy for standing at the counter doing this while everyone else was eating. I joked that that's what I do every time and no one seems to notice. My sister said that's because Hubs is funny and keeps them entertained at the table so they don't notice my absence. Thanks sis! (My mom and sister do help me fix kids plates occasionally). Then I got my presents. I reached into the bag and pulled out 3 home-made cards! Hubs took a pic of each kid that morning and printed it out. He pasted it on the outside of some chip-board and inside he pasted pictures he had the kids draw while he was cooking breakfast. He had each draw a picture of me and he wrote a quote for why they love me and traced their hand (the hand thing is our card tradition). I was so taken aback by it and so happy that I had forgotten I had the external drive too.
It was a wonderful day!


ViolinMama said...


What an incredible and hopeful day. You have no idea the weight that just lifted on my heart after dwelling on yesterday's post. I literally want to dance in the street!

You so deserve it....I'm glad it was so wonderful!! YAY!!!!

Did I say YAY?

Can I get an AMEN? lol :)

Great job Hubs! 2 Thumbs up! You rock!

ViolinMama said...

Hey - after reading the 2010 post, I had to come back and see what '09 was like. I was mixing up the potted plant year for last year and was glad to see last year WAS good. What happened to making that a new record, the new pattern? Especially since AK is not a "baby" so things for him in the morning can't be as hard - they are more independant - aside from the reminding of AT of doing her morning ritual.

Vent away...much love...and I hope the day got better, somehow...