Friday, May 15, 2009

I didn't wash my hair today

Well, that's not exactly true, but when I was in the shower it didn't feel anything like washing my hair.
I'm one of those people who wash their hair everyday. I just don't feel like myself if I don't and further, I don't look like myself since I have an oily complexion. I've had issues with oily skin since before I hit puberty, and when I did hit puberty, I couldn't make it through a whole day without looking greasy. I Hated it! Still do. Won't go camping because I know I won't have fun after the first day - feeling dirty. I can handle the sticky, sweaty, pee in the woods part, it's the dirty hair part I can't stomach.
Then I was pregnant with my first kid. We didn't find out the gender, but if any of the old wives' tales were true, I was having a boy. The tale I refer to is that baby girls steal your beauty. That you'll get terrible hair, skin and pallor. But I looked great. I had less acne than usual and less oily sheen. My hair was shiny, more wavy than ever, and I could actually skip a day shampooing! I went out in public with out a fresh shampoo and without make up for the first time since I started wearing pressed powder and lip gloss in 7th grade (acne started in 5th grade). (Incidentally, I looked worse with each of the following 2 pregnancies. Being pregnant with a boy - yikes, do you know what even a little testosterone does to a complexion?)
Anyway. I had heard that, for some people, their hair/skin isn't as oily as they think it is but that they are stripping too much oil away by using too strong a product thus making their body produce extra to compensate. I was interested but too scared to try. Silly, right? It made sense for my face though because after washing it, it felt tight and dry, even after moisturizer. So I took this 1st-pregnancy-complexion-miracle as a chance to try products for "normal" people. I don't know how much of a difference it made, but I'm no more oily now than I was before and I haven't had a split end in ages - although I probably attribute that more to not blow drying everyday.
Still, I've become more aware of the high chemical content of our everyday lives. I wear deodorant only on days when I probably won't be getting sweaty. I filter my kitchen tap (after wearing out 2 distillers). I buy what organics I can afford / find easily. I use vinegar and baking soda or Green Works to clean (when hubs recently cleaned the dining table with my old "digitized" cleaner, it gave me a huge headache I couldn't believe I used that stuff so much before!) Don't get me wrong, I'm still using chemicals in a lot of areas of my life that I could probably cut them out of easily, but I'm starting. But what really brought me around on the shampoo-less wash were the testimonies of healthy, shiny, full, clean-for-days hair.
I didn't move fast on this, though. After months of contemplation I decided I'd start with a vinegar rinse. I bought small bottles of vinegar, which have sat on the shelf for a couple of weeks. But last night I decided I'd take advantage of a streak of less oily days that I'd been having and try a shampoo-less wash.
It was odd. It didn't feel like my hair was getting clean. Although my hands and skin area around my hair felt silky, but like something was on it that needed to be washed off. Put 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a squeeze top water bottle with more than a cup of water. I tasted the baking soda so I knew I needed to be more careful with the vinegar rinse. I used a pretty dilute solution of vinegar - no measuring but maybe 1:3. My hair never felt silky like my skin did, I couldn't even run my fingers through it. I was dubious on the results, even knowing it would take a few weeks to get used to it. I'd read that people's hair was tangle free after this but I wasn't buying it, mine was a roughed up mess. And it still didn't feel clean to my hands. I rinsed out the vinegar. It didn't take much for the smell disappear, so that was good. I got out of the shower and contemplated letting my hair dry without combing it. But I don't like that, so with some trepidation I grabbed my brush. And it slid right through like when I use separate conditioner (as opposed to 2in1). It seems like it took longer for my hair to dry, but that could simply be because I was waiting on it to dry. But my scalp did itch a lot during that time. I don't know if that's related. The verdict. Day one is OK, my hair looks fine and feels clean. I'll keep trying it to see if I get any of the other perks. If I don't, I'm not sure I'll keep this up. It takes A LOT longer than usual and my shower time is precious little.

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