Friday, April 10, 2009

So I mentioned this last week

I said I was waiting to hear back from a blogger I like on whether or not she minded being quoted... then I realized that even though I "replied" to a message that displayed her e-mail, it actually went nowhere because of internet blog stuff that I don't understand. So, I tried again this time asking her in a comment on another post and she responded quickly, but I haven't been checking. So if this preface is long enough for you, I'd like to present Dancing Mermaid. She is a soulful lady who brings art to kids, magic to strangers, and a feeling of connection to kindred spirits throughout the internet.
This is her post that I wanted to share last week as my Thankful Thursday post, because I am thankful I found her, I am thankful for her words which are often reflections of my feelings but put more beautifully than I am able, words that help me feel not so alone and words that show me the light side when I am stuck in the dark.

"a bit on being happy….

happiness is not passive.
it does not gently take your hand and
lead you to a magic fountain where you live
happily ever after.

happiness requires action.
happiness takes balls.

it does not care if you need to lose 20 pounds.
it does not care how many designer shoes you have.
it does not care how many times you’ve made the same mistake.
it does not care that you are tired.
it does not care how much money you have.
it does not care how bad he hurt you.
it does not care how dirty your house is.
it does not care how broken you feel.
it does not care what color you are.
it does not care what you did yesterday.
it does not care about the reasons it won’t work.
it does not care that you want to give up.
it does not care that she has more than you.
it does not care how scared you are.
it does not care how many facebook friends you have.
it does not care about what is fair and equal.

and most of all,
it does care about waiting for the right time.

happiness responds to fighters.
the ones that have no reason to hope
but get up each day and love it anyway.

happiness favors those who decide
that instead of being a victim today,
they are going to be the hero
by finding gratitude and grace
even under the most painful of circumstances.

no, happiness is not passive.
it is a kick ass warrior goddess
who is not afraid to rock her own world."

Sometimes in my crankiness, I forget that it's not just about getting rid of the crankys. You do have to get rid of them, but that doesn't equal happiness. You also have to find happiness, and sometimes that can be just as hard.

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ViolinMama said...

Thank you. What a perfect day and timing for this new blog I'll now follow (though it won't show a feed for my reader).

I LOVE her words. WOW. What talent. If she reads this entry you did (lovely intro too, BTW) - Thank you Dancing Mermaid for speaking so openly and directly to each person. What a talent!! And, she's right.

I know you will find happiness. It's work....but don't give up. It is work, but so worth it. And, I know I don't feel happy every day....or days in a row....happiness is like a mountain - so hard to climb, dangerous, but if the summit is reached....BLISS in the views.

Love you!