Friday, April 3, 2009

PS Thankful Thursday

I didn't forget Thankful Thursday, (until I did), I was hoping to hear back from a blogger if I could quote one of her posts. I'm going to wait a few more days before I share it with you. I'd like to quote her words here because she says things so much better than I could and because she speaks to my heart. If I don't hear back from her soon, I'll just do a post linking to her blog.
For now:
I'm thankful GR finally coordinated all of her, umm "bodily functions", at the same time so there are no more pull ups, day or night!
I'm thankful AT is the kind of person who always gives people compliments. It's VERY nice to hear "You look beautiful, Mommy" and "You're a good Mommy because you [hug and kiss us/read stories/make food for us/just because]"
I'm thankful AK said he loves me for the first time (he's 20 months old)
I'm thankful Hubs gave the kids a bath last night when I was just too fed up to do it.

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