Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A decent week

I had a pretty good week last week except for Saturday. It was spring break, but that doesn't mean much because my kids are not in pre-school this year. I did have my niece for a couple of nights though. She's an only child who has been mostly raised by my mother since my sister is a single mom. Or was a single mom. She is recently married to a younger (but not much) man who is really good for her. Yes, they have their issues, but she is a much better mom now that he's around and he's pretty natural with kids. Which isn't necessarily expected of men, especially men in their young to mid 20's. I digress. There was a point when I didn't like to keep my niece because she was SO much work. She was "babied" in so many ways (sometimes this is behaviour from the adults because they don't want to deal with the work or additional mess/time it takes to get a child to do things for themselves). It was harder to look after her than it was to look after my 2 girls. She doesn't necessarily adapt well to doing things differently in different households. This is especially true of eating. I don't let my kids snack all day and we rarely eat sweets. This is hard on my niece and she whines "all day" because of it. Especially for sweets. Which is exactly why I have a no more than 1 sweet a day rule. Once they have a treat they know to stop asking. If they do ask again, a reminder is usually all they need. There are of course special days, like Easter, where the rule is relaxed, but they still have to eat fruit and veggies.
Obviously this post is a little meandering. I just haven't posted in a while and felt I should. Now I feel I should stop! HAHA!

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ViolinMama said...

Oh, but I loved hearing about your week and your perspective on things. I'm glad it was a very decent week! And good for you to sticking to your rules, even with your niece. I think it really helps kids to learn to respect other homes, etc. I think your Niece will grow up and appreciate you for being a great foundation and support with firm, but generous, love.

I hope this week stays decent! Maybe even better than decent!