Friday, March 27, 2009

Old purses

I have a thing for purses, not a major thing just a small one and I'm really good at not acting on my impulse to buy them. I'm also good at getting rid of old worn out purses - that is once I get around to actually cleaning them out. I have a canvas purse that I got to use in place of having both a purse and diaper bag. It's large and has lots of compartments. I got tired of its plain-ness and went back to the dual bag method for more than a year. But it's time to bring it back as I'm just not in a "looking cute" mood lately. Clean and functional are my goals. So I got the bag out of the closet to finally clean it out so I can launder it. I found lots of un-used kleenex, kids' hair accessories, crayons - 2 handfuls, receipts and a blue M&M. I ate the M&M. So far I'm still alive. That is how bad I needed a chocolate fix. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless I start to go through those purses specifically to find lost M&Ms. I also found what appears to have been a french fry. I didn't eat that, aren't you proud?

1 comment:

ViolinMama said...

I'm laughing! This is awesome!!! Did the blue M&M give you any special powers?

Yeah, probably good you skipped the fry. Statute of limitations and all.